The Power of A Word

The Bible says " In the beginning there was a word, the word was with God and the word was God. This is clearly shown when God created us, he used a very strong word "let there be" and it happened. Through the word of God, we are able to command the devil to get out of our lives by mentioning Jesus' name. We rebuke the devil by using the name of Jesus.

I remember when I was little, I used to say to myself that when I grow up, I would like to go to a good university. And those words have really worked because I will be graduating this year with a bachelors degree. The power of a word goes hand in hand with your faith. The Bible says that we should have strong faith to enable us to get far from Satan. If you you have been going through some difficult times, say a positive word like " I do not want to go problems again, so help me God" and trust me it will work, it has worked for many meaning you are no exception.

When you communicate to God through prayers and songs, you do this by using words. And what you pray for, you get. God loves all people regardless of their race, colour or origin because we are all his children. In the Bible, Jesus used words to heal people and to raise them from the dead. Through God's power, he was able to achieve all this, since all of us were created in the likeness of God, we should emulate him in every way. Once you use wise and helpful words, you will notice how your life will change drastically.

If you are a parent, discipline your child wisely, do not throw some harsh words to them because whatever you will say will happen. I know of a woman who told her daughter that she will be a failure for the rest of her life. Trust me, this happened for sure. When the girl was growing up, her school performance was deteriorating day by day and her school teachers told her to quit school. Her mum didn't  want her any more because she saw her as a failure. The young lady decide to go to Indiana to look for work, though she was unfortunate at first she managed to secure a job as a waitress.

She continued working hard in her job and her boss decided to promote her. As years went by, she advanced and began her own hotel company. Her business grew quickly and one day as she was in her office, her secretary told her that there was a woman who wanted to see her. The woman got into her office and she couldn't believe it, it was her daughter! She apologised to her and said that it won't happen again. Her family were very proud of her.

Maybe you are going through the same problem and you don't know how you will get out of it. Just pray to God to guide you and to give you the ability to use words that will help you and your family. Once you learn how to use a positive word, everything will be okay. Your life will be transformed into something incredible!