Heavenly Riches

Being rich in Heaven does not mean that you must own money to get there. You should actually have strong Faith in God, be humble before His eyes, help out your neighbor, go to church fellowship and sing for him, love your enemies, never judge etc. You should know that your neighbor is anyone who needs your help and you should treat them well without any discrimination for God never discriminates anyone. He will always be by your side and guide you throughout your life. He is just, merciful, faithful and loving. 

Luke 18:18-27; Jesus talks about above riches in Heaven and receiving eternal life. Heavenly riches can’t be compared with earthly riches because riches in Heaven are eternal. What you should focus on, is making sure that you receive eternal life in the Kingdom of God.

If you are going through hard times, trying to figure out how you will get out of the sticky mud, always know that God is with you and He will never leave you. If you are not born again and maybe you would want to be one, tell God that you need Him near you now more than ever. 

Pray to God that He enables you to live a holy life and help you overcome Satan’s temptations. This has greatly helped me because in times of problems, I always pray to God to guide me in every way and to write my name in the book of life for my desire is to reach Heaven and enjoy eternal happiness.