How To Create A Close Relationship With God

God knows everyone’s mind, what you are thinking about now and what you will think next. Building a close relationship with God is the best remedy for all your problems. This is best shown in the Bible where Noah built a good relationship with God when he obeyed what God had told him i.e. building of the ark. This clearly shows that we should obey God’s commands no matter how hard they may seem. With this, Good becomes pleased and proud of us. 

There are various steps that you should follow in order to be closer to God:-

·         Engage in prayers:  It is through prayers where you find solace from God. It is the best communication method to God, because once you pray and trust in Him, you will never regret it. The devil won’t have breathing space when you pray. He will always be scared of you because he knows that he can never get near you.

·         Sing for him: This is another great way of communicating to God effectively. Attend church services and if you have never been in one, secure any near you. Immediately you get there, you will realize that God loves you very much and He will always be proud of you. Worship and sing for Him like it’s your first time and God’s blessings will always be showered upon you.

·         Allow God to dwell in your home: The moment you live a life full of peace and love, God will definitely be there. He will protect your family and your marriage. This is one thing I have realized, if your family lives in peace, you will see a lot of wonders. God will be happy the moment he will realize that you will live for Him.

·         Win people to the Gospel of Christ: You can do this by preaching the word of God to people who have no idea of who God is. You don’t have to be a preacher to this, you can pick some Bible verses and be reading them to people and you will see how you will have transformed people’s lives. I can tell you that this works very well. And before doing this, always ask God for guidance and He will surely do that.

Love is the greatest commandment and the Bible says “Love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with your entire mind”. This message is very strong and once you learn how to love other people, God will be happy and heaven will be your home.