Heavenly Rescue

Have you ever asked yourself how God works through your weakness? Have you ever wondered how this happens? One day, I heard my parents quarrel about finances and their main aim was to separate, I was little then. But my mum’s best friend advised her to seek some advice from a marriage counselor.  My parents later talked it over and decided to go together to seek for a solution. They later realized that each one of them had to discover their weakness and it really worked because as I am talking right now, they are on a vacation in Hawaii having fun.

God is always ready to help us through our weaknesses and being weak in a certain area doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. In fact, identifying your weakness makes you even stronger more than ever. Maybe before you used to see life from a different angle, you had a different perception on things but once you understand how God works in your life in times of difficulties, you will be more than grateful to him.  

God is your best friend and he is the only person you can cling onto when the going gets tough. He clearly knows what’s best for you at all times, you are his child and knows of your strengths and weaknesses.  In the Bible, Moses was transformed from being a murderer to being a God’s follower. This can happen to you too if you let God to work fully in your life. He is always ready to change your ways like he did to Moses and he will never let you down. Just like a security guard is always awake, he does this in order to make sure that his boss is protected from any harm that may come, the same way, God protects us, he is always awake he neither dozes nor sleeps.