Having A Happy Home

Marriage is a union of two people who have vowed to remain committed to each other for the rest of their lives. That is why, during the day of their wedding, they use vows to remain together, to have children together, to grow financially together, to grow old together etc. till death do them part. This is a very important part in everyone’s life with an exception of none.
These days, many couples are divorcing at a very high rate. Have you ever asked yourself why this is happening and what should be done? Getting an appropriate answer for this question is quite difficult. The Bible says “A man who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against his wife and a woman who divorces her husband and marries another man commits adultery”. Both a man and a woman should only get divorced when they become unfaithful to each other.
One Saturday morning, I received a call from my cousin Amanda saying that she was leaving her home forever. I immediately got into my car hurriedly and went to her place. When I got there, it was all chaos, everything was destroyed her beautiful home was no more. She broke into tears when she saw me and I hugged her just for her to feel better. Her husband Greg was also around so I called him to join us. Their kids went to play with their friends in the neighborhood.
She then narrated to me what had happened and I was very shocked. They had started a fight very early in the morning at around 5am and the main issue was finances. Her husband was fired from his job and the business they had started like 4 years ago was going down in terms of money and they had to close it down. Amanda started the fight threatening Greg that there was no way she could live in a home full of problems so she wanted a divorce. I told her that there was no way he could do that, Greg was stressed out so she had to uplift his mood and help him out build themselves again. She agreed after we talked for quite some time, even Greg seemed happy with the support she agreed onto.
Right now, the lovely couple own several restaurants around Houston and with these businesses, they are able to feed the whole family. Both of them gave their life to Christ and now they know what God has done in their lives. They have become very powerful in prayers and that is why their marriage has become now strong more than ever. You may be going through what Amanda and Greg did or you may be in a worse situation than this. You need not worry for God is waiting for you to mend your marriage for if God is present in your home, you will never lack anything, if you ask for help, and He will do that. By the end of the day, you will realize that your marriage life will never be the same again, your friends may even envy your life. Just stay in the Lord and He will do the rest.

You are God's Best Friend

Most of us have a friend whom we treasure very much, a person who can help you through your time of need, a person who is by your side no matter what or a person who is always with you both in good and bad times. I am sure that it is not easy to find such a person in this world. This world is filled with hypocrites, impostors, liars and all these people live amongst us and it takes time before you even  notice that, it might take some time.

I can clearly tell you a very interesting story about my best friend Jessica. We met in junior high, I hardly knew anyone then. Our friendship started when we studied Mathematics and English together. We used to visit each other’s homes and our parents used to say that we were sisters. Our friendship grew and we became now best friends. I was happy about it because I knew at least I had someone whom I could count on.  This continued in senior high, unfortunately, as we were about to graduate, I noticed something fishy about Jessica.

She started telling on me regarding my personal issues, this went on and the whole school knew what we were going through at home with my siblings and parents. I felt bad about it and decide to terminate our friendship forever, I did this because I was not born again then. We finally graduated and went to different universities. While in campus, I attended a church service and it was the exact day I gave my life to Christ. The man of God was preaching about forgiveness saying that it is the best thing one can do. I immediately forgave Jessica, got her number through her Facebook friend and contacted her. I noticed that she had changed a lot regarding how she talked and we became friends again.

God is surely your best friend and you should build a strong relationship with him. He is your protector and guider and he is always by your side. We all know that in the Bible, Adam and Eve had a very strong friendship with God before they sinned. God always wants us to build a very intimate relationship with Him and to live for Him. Do not expect to make God your best friend by going to church once a week or praying once a day. God wants us to worship Him and to pray for His guidance and protection always.
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The Power of A Word

The Bible says " In the beginning there was a word, the word was with God and the word was God. This is clearly shown when God created us, he used a very strong word "let there be" and it happened. Through the word of God, we are able to command the devil to get out of our lives by mentioning Jesus' name. We rebuke the devil by using the name of Jesus.

I remember when I was little, I used to say to myself that when I grow up, I would like to go to a good university. And those words have really worked because I will be graduating this year with a bachelors degree. The power of a word goes hand in hand with your faith. The Bible says that we should have strong faith to enable us to get far from Satan. If you you have been going through some difficult times, say a positive word like " I do not want to go problems again, so help me God" and trust me it will work, it has worked for many meaning you are no exception.

When you communicate to God through prayers and songs, you do this by using words. And what you pray for, you get. God loves all people regardless of their race, colour or origin because we are all his children. In the Bible, Jesus used words to heal people and to raise them from the dead. Through God's power, he was able to achieve all this, since all of us were created in the likeness of God, we should emulate him in every way. Once you use wise and helpful words, you will notice how your life will change drastically.

If you are a parent, discipline your child wisely, do not throw some harsh words to them because whatever you will say will happen. I know of a woman who told her daughter that she will be a failure for the rest of her life. Trust me, this happened for sure. When the girl was growing up, her school performance was deteriorating day by day and her school teachers told her to quit school. Her mum didn't  want her any more because she saw her as a failure. The young lady decide to go to Indiana to look for work, though she was unfortunate at first she managed to secure a job as a waitress.

She continued working hard in her job and her boss decided to promote her. As years went by, she advanced and began her own hotel company. Her business grew quickly and one day as she was in her office, her secretary told her that there was a woman who wanted to see her. The woman got into her office and she couldn't believe it, it was her daughter! She apologised to her and said that it won't happen again. Her family were very proud of her.

Maybe you are going through the same problem and you don't know how you will get out of it. Just pray to God to guide you and to give you the ability to use words that will help you and your family. Once you learn how to use a positive word, everything will be okay. Your life will be transformed into something incredible!

The Christ in You

You were created to become like Christ. From the beginning of the world, God had a plan to make you like His son, Jesus Christ. Some of the things that we make us look like Christ is that our bodies are spiritual because our spirits are immortal in that we will last our earthly bodies, our minds are sharp because we can think reason, discern right from wrong and we can give and receive love.

My six year old asked me whether once we die, we will go to heaven and earth, but I told her that it all depends on what you used to do while on earth. If you never repented, then definitely you will go to the most scary place i.e. hell. But if you let Christ be in your life, then heaven will be closer to you more than ever. When Jesus resurrected, he told his disciples that once he gets there he will prepare a place for us and that is heaven.

Your spiritual growth matters a lot because it determines the kind of relationship you have with God. It can be close or distant, the decision should be yours. You should know that spiritual growth isn’t automatic, it is always gradual. You exist because of God’s purpose and he created you to build and develop your character in heaven. You should know that this is our ultimate destiny.

Discover what drives you

Discovering what drives you is very important because you will be able to sort out your problems quickly. Maybe you are driven by fear, by harsh environment, by bad company, by evil relatives etc. But one thing you should know is that God is with at all times and He won’t let go of you no matter what. When I was 9 years old, I used to be driven by fear it was very serious to an extent that I couldn’t wake up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom alone. I would always tell my older sister to go with me, but this didn’t last for a long time because this feeling was gone after I turned 11. 

You may be going through the same situation I was in the past, but I would like to assure that it will be over soon. Never let darkness overcome you, you know darkness is always associated with the devil, never let the devil take control of your life. Tell him that you are the son of God and you are aimed to reach the light and be successful in Christ.

I was shopping at a certain mall in town, when I saw a woman shout at a shop attendant. From the look of her face, one could tell that she was very angry. No one could talk to her or tell her to calm down. She was very bitter with what had happened; she later realized that it was her mistake and shockingly she didn’t apologize. If you are driven by resentment or anger, let go of it. Your spouse or partner might have wronged you, do not let that pain get closer to your heart, let go of that feeling, and before you know it will have forgiven him or her. The Bible says that if you forgiven your friend, enemy, parents or anyone one else, then God won’t hesitate to forgive you.

Heavenly Rescue

Have you ever asked yourself how God works through your weakness? Have you ever wondered how this happens? One day, I heard my parents quarrel about finances and their main aim was to separate, I was little then. But my mum’s best friend advised her to seek some advice from a marriage counselor.  My parents later talked it over and decided to go together to seek for a solution. They later realized that each one of them had to discover their weakness and it really worked because as I am talking right now, they are on a vacation in Hawaii having fun.

God is always ready to help us through our weaknesses and being weak in a certain area doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. In fact, identifying your weakness makes you even stronger more than ever. Maybe before you used to see life from a different angle, you had a different perception on things but once you understand how God works in your life in times of difficulties, you will be more than grateful to him.  

God is your best friend and he is the only person you can cling onto when the going gets tough. He clearly knows what’s best for you at all times, you are his child and knows of your strengths and weaknesses.  In the Bible, Moses was transformed from being a murderer to being a God’s follower. This can happen to you too if you let God to work fully in your life. He is always ready to change your ways like he did to Moses and he will never let you down. Just like a security guard is always awake, he does this in order to make sure that his boss is protected from any harm that may come, the same way, God protects us, he is always awake he neither dozes nor sleeps.

Overcoming Temptations

Many are the times we sit and wonder why temptations keep circulating in our daily lives. One thing you should know is that, this is a test and God expects us to pass it. My friend once asked me, “How come God allows us to be tempted by the devil”. I told her that it is part of life and we should overcome these temptations through communicating to God. And for sure it works especially if your faith is strong. 

The bible says that Jesus went to the wilderness to be tempted and he was led by the Spirit of God. But Satan never managed to tempt him because he is the son of God. Today temptations are many and they have been increasing day by day and anyone with an exception of none can be tempted. Just as Jesus passed that test, we should do that too, for we were created to for a reason and to become like Christ. 

When trouble and misfortunes come your way, do not give up. The devil is always waiting for you to do that so that he can celebrate but the moment he realizes that you are firm with Christ, he will stay away from you. If maybe you are going through some tough problems like abuse of drugs and you are planning to stop, never give up. But you still have to work hard for that because these are not the times of waiting for manna from heaven. 

If you want to achieve something in life, go for it without hesitation and you will be amazed by how God will work on your life. God is ever pleased with a person who works hard to achieve a certain goal. By working hard, I don’t mean that you should do the bad things; you should do the good things that will make God happy with you.

Your purpose

A man saw a beggar while he was walking down a street. The beggar was old maybe approaching 90 years, his clothes were ragged, his hair seemed like it hadn’t been shaved for a decade, he didn’t have shoes and he looked really hungry. So the man approached him and said, “I will give you some money to feed yourself today but know that I would like you to come to my home. I will cloth you, give you shelter and food and you have to show me your family too”. The old man looked at him and shook his head saying that he had lost his family several years ago because they abandoned him and that is why he ended up in the streets. He then took the old man and provided him with everything he needed.

Before you were born, God new you, he had created you in his likeness and he gave you life with a purpose. Maybe since you were a little child, you always dreamed of becoming a doctor but you failed. You needed not worry for there is the real purpose that God created you for. He created you in order to eliminate the bad things that drive your life. Or maybe you have not discovered your purpose yet, pray to God that he may guide to know your exact assignment. The Bible says, “Call to me and I will answer you; I will tell you wonderful and marvelous things that you know nothing about”. 

If have been walking though hard places especially on rocky grounds, never think that God has abandoned you for he will show you the purpose for which He created you for. Just like Jesus did; before he was even born by Mary, he knew he had a purpose to fulfill and that is dying on the cross for our sins. You see how great God is! He is a God who changes not and will never change.

Making God Smile

One day I was walking to my neighbor’s house when I saw a woman giving her son a new bike. The boy was very happy; he told his mom thank you and hugged his mom and ran to their home shouting to his siblings telling them what had happened. The woman’s face was enlightened the moment she realized that what she had done was right. I could tell from the way she was proud of her son from the way she was smiling.

This is how God works. He smiles every time we obey His commands. As Christians we should know what makes God smile. If you burned your neighbor’s house or insulted someone on your way home, know that what you did will never make God smile. He instead will be mad at you. And who would want to face God’s wrath? 
Know that no one is perfect apart from God even Jesus himself said “I am not perfect; it is only my Father who is perfect. When you repent, God will definitely forgive you but you have to forgive your neighbor first if you want to be forgiven. I have a policy that says” If my spouse, neighbor or anyone else wrongs me, I will forgive them because I know God will forgive me in turn”.