You are God's Best Friend

Most of us have a friend whom we treasure very much, a person who can help you through your time of need, a person who is by your side no matter what or a person who is always with you both in good and bad times. I am sure that it is not easy to find such a person in this world. This world is filled with hypocrites, impostors, liars and all these people live amongst us and it takes time before you even  notice that, it might take some time.

I can clearly tell you a very interesting story about my best friend Jessica. We met in junior high, I hardly knew anyone then. Our friendship started when we studied Mathematics and English together. We used to visit each other’s homes and our parents used to say that we were sisters. Our friendship grew and we became now best friends. I was happy about it because I knew at least I had someone whom I could count on.  This continued in senior high, unfortunately, as we were about to graduate, I noticed something fishy about Jessica.

She started telling on me regarding my personal issues, this went on and the whole school knew what we were going through at home with my siblings and parents. I felt bad about it and decide to terminate our friendship forever, I did this because I was not born again then. We finally graduated and went to different universities. While in campus, I attended a church service and it was the exact day I gave my life to Christ. The man of God was preaching about forgiveness saying that it is the best thing one can do. I immediately forgave Jessica, got her number through her Facebook friend and contacted her. I noticed that she had changed a lot regarding how she talked and we became friends again.

God is surely your best friend and you should build a strong relationship with him. He is your protector and guider and he is always by your side. We all know that in the Bible, Adam and Eve had a very strong friendship with God before they sinned. God always wants us to build a very intimate relationship with Him and to live for Him. Do not expect to make God your best friend by going to church once a week or praying once a day. God wants us to worship Him and to pray for His guidance and protection always.
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