Making God Smile

One day I was walking to my neighbor’s house when I saw a woman giving her son a new bike. The boy was very happy; he told his mom thank you and hugged his mom and ran to their home shouting to his siblings telling them what had happened. The woman’s face was enlightened the moment she realized that what she had done was right. I could tell from the way she was proud of her son from the way she was smiling.

This is how God works. He smiles every time we obey His commands. As Christians we should know what makes God smile. If you burned your neighbor’s house or insulted someone on your way home, know that what you did will never make God smile. He instead will be mad at you. And who would want to face God’s wrath? 
Know that no one is perfect apart from God even Jesus himself said “I am not perfect; it is only my Father who is perfect. When you repent, God will definitely forgive you but you have to forgive your neighbor first if you want to be forgiven. I have a policy that says” If my spouse, neighbor or anyone else wrongs me, I will forgive them because I know God will forgive me in turn”.