The Christ in You

You were created to become like Christ. From the beginning of the world, God had a plan to make you like His son, Jesus Christ. Some of the things that we make us look like Christ is that our bodies are spiritual because our spirits are immortal in that we will last our earthly bodies, our minds are sharp because we can think reason, discern right from wrong and we can give and receive love.

My six year old asked me whether once we die, we will go to heaven and earth, but I told her that it all depends on what you used to do while on earth. If you never repented, then definitely you will go to the most scary place i.e. hell. But if you let Christ be in your life, then heaven will be closer to you more than ever. When Jesus resurrected, he told his disciples that once he gets there he will prepare a place for us and that is heaven.

Your spiritual growth matters a lot because it determines the kind of relationship you have with God. It can be close or distant, the decision should be yours. You should know that spiritual growth isn’t automatic, it is always gradual. You exist because of God’s purpose and he created you to build and develop your character in heaven. You should know that this is our ultimate destiny.