Discover what drives you

Discovering what drives you is very important because you will be able to sort out your problems quickly. Maybe you are driven by fear, by harsh environment, by bad company, by evil relatives etc. But one thing you should know is that God is with at all times and He won’t let go of you no matter what. When I was 9 years old, I used to be driven by fear it was very serious to an extent that I couldn’t wake up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom alone. I would always tell my older sister to go with me, but this didn’t last for a long time because this feeling was gone after I turned 11. 

You may be going through the same situation I was in the past, but I would like to assure that it will be over soon. Never let darkness overcome you, you know darkness is always associated with the devil, never let the devil take control of your life. Tell him that you are the son of God and you are aimed to reach the light and be successful in Christ.

I was shopping at a certain mall in town, when I saw a woman shout at a shop attendant. From the look of her face, one could tell that she was very angry. No one could talk to her or tell her to calm down. She was very bitter with what had happened; she later realized that it was her mistake and shockingly she didn’t apologize. If you are driven by resentment or anger, let go of it. Your spouse or partner might have wronged you, do not let that pain get closer to your heart, let go of that feeling, and before you know it will have forgiven him or her. The Bible says that if you forgiven your friend, enemy, parents or anyone one else, then God won’t hesitate to forgive you.