Overcoming Temptations

Many are the times we sit and wonder why temptations keep circulating in our daily lives. One thing you should know is that, this is a test and God expects us to pass it. My friend once asked me, “How come God allows us to be tempted by the devil”. I told her that it is part of life and we should overcome these temptations through communicating to God. And for sure it works especially if your faith is strong. 

The bible says that Jesus went to the wilderness to be tempted and he was led by the Spirit of God. But Satan never managed to tempt him because he is the son of God. Today temptations are many and they have been increasing day by day and anyone with an exception of none can be tempted. Just as Jesus passed that test, we should do that too, for we were created to for a reason and to become like Christ. 

When trouble and misfortunes come your way, do not give up. The devil is always waiting for you to do that so that he can celebrate but the moment he realizes that you are firm with Christ, he will stay away from you. If maybe you are going through some tough problems like abuse of drugs and you are planning to stop, never give up. But you still have to work hard for that because these are not the times of waiting for manna from heaven. 

If you want to achieve something in life, go for it without hesitation and you will be amazed by how God will work on your life. God is ever pleased with a person who works hard to achieve a certain goal. By working hard, I don’t mean that you should do the bad things; you should do the good things that will make God happy with you.